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"Ryan was a student - allbeit a very talented one - who blew me away with what she picked up 'about me' her mentor, I was guided to ask her for a reading, something I am normally wary of doing, but as she has no ego and is a clear channel I knew she connects with the higher realms instantly.  Her channelling of Azrael blew me away she clearly allows the beings to come through and lives her walk with trust and integrity. She has a fae like sparkle and you know that she's been through more than she says - she carries her gift with integrity but also magic.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ryan and my standards are high, to me she is the epitome of 'higher guidance' and she really gives the messages in a way that the client can take, use, and be reassured by, no matter how heart rending the issue." -Sheelagh Maria Clairvoyant Channeller 

"Ryan is my go-to girl for the wisdom of my guides and angels!  She has proved many times over to be a direct channel to this higher realm, although her readings are very grounded and common sense.  She has especially helped me with my role in personal and professional relationships and even made contact with my beloved pet bird after he passed away!  Her taped readings are phenomenal and she always goes above and beyond the information I expect to receive.  Most importantly, she has become a dear friend who really cares about her clients.  There is no one I trust more to deliver what I need to hear with such beauty and grace.  Thanks for everything Ryan!" 

-J. Miller

"Ryan gave me a mini-reading that did HUGE things for my heart and soul. Even as a medium, we need guidance sometimes too and she went above and beyond for me. Her intuition and messages were on point and extremely validating. As a fellow intuitive, I highly recommend Ryan for your spiritual guidance. She was simply, amazing!!"

-Psychic Medium Laura Lynn 

"Recently, I faced a really big business decision. I got in touch with Ryan immediately and she did a Channeled Recording for me. The reading was very clear, spot on, and so much more than I had ever hoped for. 

The relief is palpable. I have not one single question or regret in regard to this decision. I know that I never would have been able to do it with such confidence and clarity without Ryan and the guidance of the ArchAngels.

I have had several readings from various people over the course of my life but not a single one ever came close to being so "on point" and clear as the one Ryan did. Thank you Ryan! You are truly the BEST!!!"-Zidi

"I came to Ryan when I was struggling and feeling lost about a certain situation. Our conversation with The Divine was more productive and helpful than my last 3 months of therapy. While some of it may have been hard to hear, it was 100% spot on. Thank you Ryan, for being the bridge to The Divine that I so desperately needed."-Victoria H. 

Ryan offered me very divinely aligned guidance during a rather challenging period of my life. There is no egoism attached to her channeling. Just heart felt angelic transmissions. Not only is her guidance spot on, but she also holds a transparent honesty that confirmed to me that she is the real deal.  If your angels are not ready to reveal something, she is honest about that. She never offers cop-outs or false, misguided, or ego driven information. This sense of integrity truly means a lot to me. This is why I adore Ryan. Not only are the angelic transmissions she receives profoundly accurate, she delivers them to you from a genuine and caring heart. If you have any sort of connection with angels or simply need personal guidance on your path, I would highly recommend connecting with Ryan." -Chris G. 

"My family went through an extremely difficult time this year. It was actually one of the worst. I felt lost and confused. I felt I needed answers on the present situation and these answers would help support, guide and provide my family with a healing process. I spoke with Ryan on several occasions. Her communication and the connection to the angels was like therapy to me. It helped me to wipe the fog, clearing my vision to see what was really going on in our lives. Seeing things we may have been blind to. This assisted us to get the support and help that our loved one needed. Truthfully, saving their life. Talking with Ryan has helped me begin to heal my heart and find a greater peace within myself. Thank you, Ryan."-Heather


"When I booked my empowerment session with you back in November, I was excited but really nervous about how it would all go down...I have always been pretty intuitive and felt it would be great fun, but little doubts crept in: would I say something stupid, not "get it" (whatever "it" was) or just flat out be an epic fail in our first session? Your lighthearted approach and encouraging words immediately put me at ease, and the meditation at the beginning really helped me settle in to a receptive state. When you started asking questions of Archangel Michael, it was amazing how effortlessly the responses came to me--I couldn't believe it was really happening! By the end of the session, I was shocked by how quickly time had flown and how much fun we had had! So yes, as far as I am concerned, you are completely on track with your mission--I feel exponentially more empowered as a result of our time together, and I am totally looking forward to working together again in the not-too-distant future. If there's anyone out there who, like me, just needed a little nudge to take action and sign up with you as their intuition was whispering, I say 'go for it'--you'll be really happy with yourself afterward"-Mary C. 

"I'm going through a career and life transition and have been very stressed trying to figure out what is next for me. Ryan helped to clarify a lot of things for me including my own psychic abilities and natural talents. Her reading empowered me to have confidence in myself and to trust in the universe that things will work out. Her communication with angels is truly a gift. Thank-you Ryan!"-Lisa C. 

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for my reading the other day! It left me with no doubts that you were indeed in contact with my spirit guides and was well worth the money. 
I was surprised by the tough-love kind of vibe from the team's messages but your vibe was so warm and compassionate that it really balanced out and helped make the session feel like a safe space.
I just wanted to share some extra validation that so much of this felt spot-on and that I really appreciated your warm, kind manner. Thank you again! You're doing a great service to the world." —R.C. 
"Ryan is an amazing mentor and teacher.  Her knowledge, skill set and experience is vast.  She helped me get clarity about my specific strengths in connecting to Spirit, and this was a game changer. Her support and guidance as I began to do Intuitive Readings myself was immeasurable. I will continue to work with Ryan as my path unfolds."-C.S.

"I was a big fan of Ryan's "Rock The Divine" YouTube channel, and eventually decided to book one mentoring session to start. It was my first ever session with a medium, and I had certain assumptions about my own intuitive abilities. But when Ryan gave her assessment of me, I was completely blown away! Some abilities about me I already knew, but others were a total surprise. What I like about Ryan's mentorship is that she has a certain framework in her readings, so you're guaranteed to walk away with an idea about your abilities and your spirit guides. Plus, she was so amazing to answer all of my questions about intuitive development, spirituality, mediumship and everything in between. We ended the session with her teaching me the next crucial steps for my intuitive development, which I'm free to practice on my own--I'm definitely excited to try it out. I highly recommend Ryan's mentoring sessions if you're at all interested in working with angels, spirit guides and mentorship! " -Jenica C. 

I had the pleasure of working with Ryan. Not only did she assist me in feeling more empowered, self aware and self confidence, having her as my light and guide in furthering my skills was so powerful and enlightening. Ryan is so awesome! I could go on for hours about how skilled, professional, understanding, patient and what a gorgeous soul she has, but all I truly have is pure emotional gratitude for her grace and beauty as a teacher. I hope to work with her many times over many years! Thank you Ryan!  -C. McDevitt