This session is an opportunity for clarity, guidance, inspiration,

hope, understanding, and laughter.


During our time together, I take on many roles as a messenger, reader, channeler,

healer, guide, and intuitive mentor. 

With guidance from The Divine, we will shine a light on the energies and concerns

 in your situation and what needs to shift,

 so you can more mindfully and spiritually steer yourself forward.  

While I may highlight what might help or hinder you on your journey,

my specialty is allowing The Divine to assist you in inner healing,

making changes to your energy, your thoughts, and guiding you to a higher perspective.   

My goal is for you to feel clearer and become empowered in your choices.  


As a loving reminder, I am not a fortune teller. I read the energy of the present.

It is only within the present that you can create the future you want. 










*I'm taking a break from Readings to focus on Mentoring others. Please check back or subscribe to receive updates on availability.

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*Once payment is made, I will contact you via email within 24-72 hours to set up a time that works for us both.* 

60 Minute Phone Session

Most sessions are scheduled Sunday to Wednesday, between 11am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time.  

Note: My specialty is communicating with Higher Evolved Beings, but I am more than happy to recommend a person that can communicate with your deceased loved ones.  
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