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Flash Guidance

Need some quick mentoring about your psychic abilities or the very interesting spiritual phenomena that can occur bc you are psychic?
Flash Guidance is a snapshot answer for your questions

You may ask 2 questions and I will send a recorded answer to your email.
Read before you purchase

1. You may ask 2 questions. Just 2 :-)

2. Similar to one on one sessions, my answers will be a mix of my knowledge and experience, and Spirit delivering information intuitively. 

3. I ask that your questions do not veer into subjects that have little to do with understanding and strengthening your psychic abilities and the spiritual phenomena that occurs with us. 

4. Life purpose questions. You do not have one life purpose, you have MANY. Basically, your purpose is to play inside The Universe. There now you are free of that forsaken question. 

Free like in 'free-will". (wink-wink) 

5. Future predictions. Do you want your Guides to just ‘tell you what to do, or just 'tell you your future'? Then save your money, honey. 

YOU co-create your future. Your Spirit Guides are helpers in that co-creation, ultimately it's up to you how you will experience this life.

6. Don't ask me cryptic questions. That's just more work for me, love. 

7. Read number 3 again, hot-stuff. 

Flash Guidance

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