Uncomplicated Psychic Development 



 This intuitive mentoring session is tailored to the unique things happening to you.  

During this time you can ask me anything and everything in regards to intuitive abilities,

any phenomena happening around you, and to you, including ascension symptoms

We will look into your strengths and what type of light-worker modalities

your energy may be most suited for.

For those looking to hone your abilities, we will teach you how to connect

and receive information in a way that is tailored to your strengths.

If you are a practicing intuitive/healer, we can explore where your gifts may be stuck

and further your education.

Not only do I have a great deal of personal experience, 

I also have over 50 hours spent with mentors furthering my education and understanding of Spirit. 


A mentoring session can be used for intuitive development, and spiritual growth.

 Our Spirit Guides will work as a team to get you the intuitive guidance you most need

to better yourself in both areas.  


Every month take on a set of clients.
If subscribed to my website, you will be updated on future availability thru an email. You will then have the option to purchase a session. 
Subscribe button is located on Home page. 

New Clients

One 80 min. session


Previous Clients 

Three 80 min. Sessions


If in U.S.,all sessions are via phone call. If outside U.S., all sessions are via Skype with video turned off. I've found this helps the client (and me) remain more comfortable and less distracted. Most sessions are scheduled Sunday to Wednesday, between 11am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time.  

By booking a session, you agree you have read and fully understand the terms, conditions and disclaimer listed in the menu. 

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