With the Divine's help, I felt more empowered in my life.
I knew I could help others receive intuitive guidance for themselves,
and show the support and assistance
that has always been available to them. It's truly life changing. 

Once I got a footing on my gifts, I decided I wanted to make learning about psychic abilities and spirituality more down to earth, relatable, and accessible for others; while removing the mystery and myths surrounding these subjects. 

A lot of books and information online can make these topics seem so complicated. Don't let anyone fool you, it's so much simpler than that! You already ARE a spiritual being, and your willingness to learn and having an open heart is all that is required for you to utilize the Divine assistance around you and tap into your own intuition.  

I'm a wife that adores my hubby and our 3 cats. My sister is my best friend and we talk everyday. I love music and feel there is no better way to raise your vibration than to jam out. I enjoy makeup and fashion and have happily stopped shopping in the juniors department, mostly. I have fun talking on the phone, enjoy a glass of wine (or 2 who am I kidding), and in between cleaning up cat throw-up, folding laundry, and watching Housewives on Bravo…I'm talking to The Divine, and helping others successfully do the same